Dardanup produces a suite of premium branded beef, lamb and pork, so that our food service partners, and their end consumers, can be certain of consistent size, taste and quality with every purchase. Our branded beef and lamb products are MSA Graded and grown by elite level producers, most of whom we have had relationships with for more than three generations. Therefore, why wouldn’t you taste Dardanup?

Tender Ridge Beef

Is grown exclusively in the south-west of Western Australia. This premium beef brand is underpinned by Meat & Livestock Australia's MSA rating, ensuring our food service customers receive a specialised graded beef that guarantees absolute tenderness and taste, every time. When professional foodies purchase Tender Ridge, it means that their customers receive a fantastic, tender, juicy eating experience without exception. Like all of our brands, Tender Ridge has been developed after extensive research and is at the peak of the Australian beef ‘food chain'. Strategic marketing, brand placement and point of sale support ensure the long-term success of partnerships between Dardanup and elite chefs, restaurants, cafés, hotels and resorts.

Valley Spring Lamb

Is a lamb product for both consumers and the food service industry that provides a consistent size and quality. Dardanup has made strategic partnerships with select producers to ensure that this tender and tasty product is available year-round, while Valley Spring quality assessment criteria covers every aspect of the producing process, from the grow-out on the farm, to transport, processing and product marketing – guaranteeing that our customers receive the finest lamb available.

Pitch Black Angus

Is a premium Angus beef brand that is grown in Western Australia's south-west by the very best farmers in the region. The beef cattle grown by these producers has to meet exacting standards throughout the production process, allowing Dardanup to provide Pitch Black, Australia's Finest Angus Beef, to WA's food service elite and consumers alike. Pitch Black is MSA graded to guarantee a juicy, tender and flavoursome Angus beef product, exclusive to our food service customers.

Timber Hill Pork

Is grown in WA's pristine south-west and is carefully monitored throughout the farming stage to make sure the product is of the best quality before processing. Dardanup's Timberhill Pork is then ‘moisture enhanced’ to add tenderness, juiciness and flavour, while maintaining the lean, clean and wholesome standard demanded by today's health-conscious consumers. With Timberhill, Dardanup provides a consistently high-quality pork product to our clients in the food service industry.

Evertender Beef

Is grown exclusively in the south-west of Western Australia and is only available in our own Dardanup retail stores. Underpinned by Meat & Livestock Australia's MSA rating, our retail customers receive a specialised graded beef that guarantees absolute tenderness and taste, every time.