In addition to our core divisions in Food Service, Wholesale and Retail Ready, you should also know that we have a long history in running our own regional retail chain of stores. We are also proudly aligned with the MSA Accreditation and have been ambassadors of the quality mark since its inception.

MSA or Meat Standards Australia is a system of grading red meat for quality, to ensure the best eating outcome for consumers. MSA-certified meat has a guaranteed grade and is qualified to wear the MSA trademark. Meat with this logo is guaranteed to satisfy quality standards. The MSA qualification is determined by achieving minimum levels across different criteria, rather than being based on one category such as marbling or ageing. This means that despite different techniques of meat production, any MSA qualified meat in Australia is of a guaranteed grade.

When an MSA-graded product is cooked according to the recommended method, the result is great tasting, tender meat – every time.

Our Customers

We strive to have excellent customer service to complement our premium product, and our customer feedback speaks for itself.

‘Dardanup has always offered a very good continuity of product and volume is critical when doing the big numbers we do here. Perfectly packaged, freshness is great, service is great – even down to the delivery drivers!’

Rupert Brown, Head Chef at Eagle Bay Brewing Co

‘I love Dardanup Butchering Company because of their consistent quality produce. They always deliver to my specifications and the product is superb!’

Mickey Phull, Head Chef at The Karalee on Preston

‘Quality and consistency are vitally important to our brand and reputation, as is being able to source local products, especially with such providence! Partnering with Dardanup allows us to keep up with volume and offer a good variety.’

Damon Georgiou, Executive Chef at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort